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Tansformation IX

A collaboration between communication designers* Lisa Baumgarten and Paul Steinmann and students* of a 12th grade of the Community School on the Campus Rütli – CR² accompanied by art teacher Frank Janssen.
The students have been dealing with the mental and visual tools of communication design. With the focus on their own world of experience, they generated points of contact with their environment in an unusual context. The result was a walk-in archive of individual perspectives, shown as an expansive installation in the Temporäre Galerie on the campus Rütli – CR².

Exhibition view. Photo credit: Jens Ziehe 
Video Documentation 
Exhibition view. Photo credit: Jens Ziehe 
Exhibition view. Photo credit: Jens Ziehe 
Exhibition poster 
Exhibition view. Photo credit: Jens Ziehe 
Exhibition publication with floor plan 
Digitalized collages
Personal collections of meaningful objects worth 5 EUR 
Double spread publication 

Work Done: 
Course Concept, Workshops, Art Production, Print Design, Photography

Exhibition Concept and Design by Lisa Baumgarten & Paul Steinmann, w/ the students
Communication design by Lisa Baumgarten & Paul Steinmann
Exhibition Photos by Jens Ziehe
Art Work Photography by Paul Steinmann

Transformation is A Project by Pädagogische Werkstatt and Campus Bildung im Quadrat with Campus Rütli
Project Concept by Ida Schildhauer & Silvia Ploner
Supported by Freudenberg Stiftung

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