Bottega Veneta Takeover
at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York

Retail Experience
To launch the 2020 summer collection, Random Studio was commissioned to design six storefronts on 5th Avenue and 5 indoor pop-up areas. In the spirit of “space hacking,” various architectural interventions were developed to create stages for the collection’s products. Found materials and elements became the raw material for bold changes that transformed the space with playful ease.

Sketches and references 
6 Shopping Windows on 5th Ave
Pedestals seemingly push out of the floor.
Mimicry: Columns are imitated with unusual materials. 
Tilted and shifted: Window spaces are altered in their position relative to the facade.  

Work Done: 
Ideation, Visualization, Presentation

Client: Bottega Veneta, Saks Fifth Avenue
Agency: Random Studio
Creative Team: Paul Steinmann, Morgan Maccari
Photos: Random Studio

Paul Steinmann
Creative Consultancy
Muskauer Str. 8
10997 Berlin

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