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A visual identity, website, and two magazine issues for a festival for art and urban space in Stuttgart, Germany.
CURRENT is a transdisciplinary festival for art in urban space. The first edition took place in Stuttgart from September 9 to 19, 2021. Within the framework of installations, performances, discussions and workshops, the festival uses the city as a model to engage with the present.

In its first edition, CURRENT was dedicated to porosity (permeability). The festival focused on the unexpected, on ruptures in planning, on the experimental. Artists responded to specific situations in Stuttgart's urban space with different formats, local initiatives and institutions engaged in independent formats - all in relation to and with the always unfinished, porous city.
The central element for the design was an algorithm based on the emission of rays to determine the visibility of three-dimensional objects from a specific point in space (ray tracing) - comparable to a strong light source. This algorithm could be applied to street maps of the city of Stuttgart as well as to typography. This made it possible to use variable, yet recognizable key visuals in print and online communication.

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Recipe: Raycasting light is the underlying mechanic 
Magazin #1 and #2

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A ton of great skillz

Commissioned by Laura Bernhardt, Art Public Space gUG
Concept, Art Direction and Design: Paul Steinmann
Webdevelopment: Triggerbangbang

Paul Steinmann
Creative Consultancy
Muskauer Str. 8
10997 Berlin

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