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Ludwig Goes Pop

Culture Identity, Campaign, Catalog, Exhibition Design
With Ludwig Goes Pop, Museum Ludwig dedicated a large scale exhibition to Peter and Irene Ludwig and united 150 key works from one of the internationally most significant collections of American Pop-Art for the first time. 
The extraction of significant components of Pop Art lead to a specific design kit consisting of shapes, colors, patterns, text fragments, and behaviors. This served as the base for the development of a unique visual meta-language, which enabled sophisticated designs for a broad range of applications – always accessible and playful and popular. With huge vinyl lettering and bold, large areas of color, our exhibition design brought pop-art mechanics to the otherwise all-white museum. The catalogue has been pub­lished by Ver­lag der Buch­hand­lung Walther König.

Reading and sitting scenography, vinyl letters on windows 
Entrance through the gift shop – Exhibition entrance with reading furniture, timeline wall, book shop 
Trailer animation on each and every screen in electronic super store Saturn, Cologne 
Faccade banner 
Catalogue double spread
Cataloge cover

Work Done: 
Visual Identity, Visual Toolbox, Catalog Concept, Photography, Spatial Design, Animation, Sound

Concept and Design: Paul Steinmann, David Eckes and Michael Pichler
Client: Museum Ludwig, Cologne
Curated by Stphan Diederich and Luise Pilz

Paul Steinmann
Creative Consultancy
Muskauer Str. 8
10997 Berlin

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