A collection of short, energetic clips, videos, animations, and experiments designed to stand alone, document a teaching project or to be essential part of a visual identity.  
Design takes place on a timeline, much like life itself. Communication in motion is a particular emphasis, using language and image sequences in both digital and analog spaces. I combine classic graphic design disciplines with moving images, interaction, space, music, and sound. 
Digital tools play a central role in setting up experimental pipelines that lead to interesting ideas that surprise me. Looking for glitches, energetic cuts, and unusual, space altering perspectives, I make use of game engines, lidar scans, digital tinkering with code to create state of the art (at the time) output. 

Work Done: 
Concept, Design
Film, Animation, Video Editing
Experimental Motion Design
Sound Design, Music

Paul Steinmann
Creative Consultancy
Muskauer Str. 8
10997 Berlin

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