The Show (16:9) – Keeping Up with The Real School of Visual Combinations

Developing one’s own work is one thing; showing, presenting, publishing it is another. While the work follows its own laws, the context of the publication changes: the audience, the circumstances, the expectations. We see our own agenda confronted with the (anticipated) interests of the audience – a negotiating situation that is permeated by attempts at manipulation and evaluation.

Whether it’s an exhibition, pitch, lecture, or online conference, in times of remote online communication, but also in real life, the stage usually has a 16:9 aspect ratio.
In this project we focus on forms of presentation. For this purpose we transform the School of Visual Combinations into a decentralised production studio. We experiment with synchronous and asynchronous show formats for our own work: whether it is art, illustration, communication design or performance: We contextualise and recontextualise the way we present (each other) to the audience. We use 16:9 friendly formats that are typically utilized by influencers, unboxers, gamers, live streamers, reality TV shows, tech giants, and design agencies. We take on various roles: artist, actor, assistant, director, designer, illustrator, board, audience, critic—individually and as a group.

Seminar trailer, edit: Patsachon Toyingpaiboon, video-conference-performance: Sin Naree, screen-graphics: Bolin Chen
Temporary visual encyclopedia on media techniques
Visual experiments by Bolin Chen 
Virtual classroom 
Screenshot: Naree Sin (“Apfel in Apfel”) exploring digital interfaces as design tools. 

Ruiru Ge, Shilong Xu, Narcissus, 3'03'', Filmstill – Face filter integration into a story about depression and the pressure to keep a happy facade. 

Work Done: 
Teaching, Mentoring, Workshops

“The Show (16:9) – Keeping Up with The Real School of Visual Combinations”'
Seminar, Integrated Design, M.A. School of Visual Combinations, Bremen University of the Arts
Winter Semester 20/21

Concept and Course Lead: Paul Steinmann
Co-Teaching: Prof. Tania Prill
Master Students: Bolin Chen, Naree Sin, Ruoxi Du, Alexandra Dimitraki, Sandra Dotu, Shilong Xu, Ruiru Ge, Inna Sosnia, Jin Liang, Zhiyi Liu, Niels Andes Bjørg Rühs, und Patsachon Toyingpaiboon

Paul Steinmann
Creative Consultancy
Muskauer Str. 8
10997 Berlin

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