The Spatial Glossary of Things and Non-Things

A bachelor’s seminar that reflects on the tangibility of physical and digital artifacts that make up our information society and experiments with new forms of collaboration in a Virtual Reality Work Environment. 

In Real Life and simultaneously in a Virtual Reality working environment we A acquire knowledge and experience in dealing with the physical and virtual spaces, artifacts and signs of the information society. We look at B our bodies (including our brains) in the context of hybrid spatial concepts. The focus is on ergonomics as well as human performance and the psychology of perception as prerequisites for planned interaction through interfaces, controls, interfaces. 
In an experimental setup we will conduct tests and document our experiences. We invite specialists in the fields of digital product development, experience design and interface design to exchange ideas with us. In a practical project C we examine design processes and develop our own methods of designing an experience up to the virtual prototype—with the goal of enabling a multidimensional, multisensory interaction with the environment.

Virtual Reality online lecture by software developer and founder of soft.space Yiliu Shen-Burke 
Threedimensional collaborative Workspace with visual research composition
Course diagram 
Assignment diagram for “The Tree-Dimensional Reading and Visual Annotation Club”.  
Students encating three-dimensional configurations with DIN A4 paper sheets 

Work Done: 
Course Concept, Workshops, Virutal Reality Teaching Environment

Seminar, Institute for Design Research, B.A. Design in the Digital Society, 
Braunschweig University of the Arts, Winter Semester 21/22
Concept and Course Lead: Paul Steinmann (interim Professorship Digital Crafting)

Paul Steinmann
Creative Consultancy
Muskauer Str. 8
10997 Berlin

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