Theaterhaus Jena
A Radical Society Lab

Wearing many hats, from graphic design, music composition, stage design to co-directing in a long-term collaboration with an institution that reinvents itself constantly. 
Paul has been consulting the team at Theaterhaus Jena defining and developing the institution’s visual identity, designing each season’s graphic language, photography and communication strategy from 2010 to 2017. 

During this trustful long-term collaboration Paul Steinmann has worked together with director Moritz Schönecker and the Theaterhaus’ team in different roles: as musician, stage designer and as communication and graphic designer.

Artwork for the play “Rambo” in which a supermarket clerk slips into a rambo phsychosis
Season-identities, posters, collateral, flags, booklets, signage, stage elements, magazines, program flyers, portraits, …  

Work Done: 
Graphic Design, Culture Identity, Poster Design, Portrait Photography, Animation, Sound, Music Composition, Stage Design, Props, Co-Direction 

Client: Theaterhaus Jena, GER
Visual Identities in collaboration with: David Eckes (2010 – 2016) and Lisa Baumgarten (2017)

Paul Steinmann
Creative Consultancy
Muskauer Str. 8
10997 Berlin

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